Date:May 30, 1962

Dear Diary.... something happened to me today.  I was resting comfortably in my home when all of a sudden I felt the need to move.  And move I did. Maybe someone will explain to me what happened today?  I'm kinda tired.  I'll write ore later...

Date:June 7, 1966 - Dear Diary, today I played a game of cards with my dad.  I lost.

Date: October 1968 - Dear Diary, today we had a family picture taken. This is at my Grandparent's house.  Do you see the black and white picture on the shelf?  Tha's my grandpa shaking hands with Sam Rayburn.  I added another shot of me and my Pa Pa with the picture.


Date:March 1969, Dear Diary, We've just found out that my parents are not the international superspys that I thought they were.
               It's a shame too as me and my brothers were ready to fight crime!

Date:Easter 1969 - Bryan, Texas

More to come....