The Annual Celebration® 
What's The Big Idea?

The idea behind my annual celebration® was actually conceived by my parents in 1963.  While they may not realize it, when the 1st Celebration occurred in May of that year, a tradition was started that continues today.  

Most people ask me why I do it. The answer is simple and some might say corny but it is the truth nonetheless. As I began to age, I found that there were people in my life that I called friends. And for the most part I enjoyed being their friend and enjoyed their company and when I celebrated my birthday, I wanted them to share in my celebration.  For I am not celebrating my birthday, I am celebrating my life and those that have been a part of it. It is my pleasure to host the celebration and to associate with those that have been a friend or still are a friend.

OK, enough silliness - - - - -  

Click Here for >>> David's 60th Annual Celebration®

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